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Beverly Hills 'Heather House' Not Named After McCartney's Ex

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Turns out Paul McCartney's house at 9536 Heather Road in Beverly Hills, where George Harrison died in 2003, wasn't dubbed "Heather House" in honor of ex-wife Heather Mills. From the full McCartney/Mills divorce judgment, just published: "I do not accept the wife's case that the property in Heather Road in Beverly Hills was purchased for her. The husband and wife, the husband accepted, did call it 'Heather House' because it was in Heather Road just as they called Cavendish Avenue 'Cavendish'. I saw a DVD in which the wife could be seen in the property saying that 'Heather House' was 'my house' in rather a jocular way (apparently without contradiction by the husband) but that was, I find, wishful thinking on her part." [The Smoking Gun]