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Ask Curbed: Who is Buying In This Market? This Guy

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Two "Ask Curbed" queries hit the InBox this week and since they may just cancel each other out, both are being posted. All that's missing now? A response from someone who is selling. Reader #1: "Who is buying right now, Curbed? Frankly my husband and I are on the outside of being able to buy, we might be able to if the market came down some. And that is a big IF? but I am curious...I have asked many of my friends and no one knows anyone who has bought within the last 18 months."

And a house hunter who isn't having any luck. Reader #2: "I am moving to LA and I was just in town for a week putting offers on three properties and getting DENIED. I considered my offers fair...I'm joking that on my next trip I'm going to ride around on a bike with a bell and a shirt that says "Sell me your house for $1.5 million - cash buyer."
One [of the listings I looked at] was above what the buyer had paid a year ago and he had done little but paint. I sold my house for a little loss (owned it 3 years) and now am looking to rent because it doesn't seem the sellers in LA have figured out that there are few buyers and fewer with financing. I'm looking for a single family home or a town home that feels like a single family in the 90049-90403 corridor south of sunset / north of Wilshire. There is little on the market so that's why the sellers are hold outs. Any advice? I know there's got to be someone who wants to sell for a reasonable price. I just don't know how to find them! I put an ad in craigslist and actually got a couple bites."