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Preservation Update: Los Feliz's Ennis House Raises Neighbors' Ire

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House in Los Feliz underwent a costly restoration and work was more or less completed last summer. So why isn't it open to the public yet? The Architect's Newspaper reveals the reason for the hold up--crotchety old neighbors. "A group of about 20 adjacent neighbors is fighting plans to reopen the house to the public, arguing that the house should be sold to a private owner. They say that re-opening it will again create havoc on a tiny street that was never intended to host visitors, conferences, fundraisers, movie shoots, or parties...They add that local zoning prohibits any house in the neighborhood from hosting public visits or events, and point to a letter signed by the foundation in 2005 assuring them that the house would not be re-opened to the public." The Ennis House Foundation is working on a new plan that allows limited public access but admits selling the house is a possibility. Surely we can all get along, can't we? [Image of Ennis House from Ennis House Foundation]
· Ennis in Limbo [Architect's Newspaper]