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Rumblings & Bumblings: Windsor Sq. Condos, Echo Park Pool, A Dealership and an Odd Atwater Village Park

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Hello. We have four questions this week. Please feel free to email us at if you have answers to these questions or maybe an update on a past question. We would also really appreciate digital pictures.

1) Windsor Square: A curious reader wants to know if the Francis Park condos are okay inside. "Has anyone been inside these or know how they are selling? I happened to drive by today and it seems like a nice location."

2) Echo Park/Downtown: A reader offers two very diverse questions in one email. Here's to the gay swimmers in the crowd. "When??? WHEN will it open? The Echo Park Pool that is. I need to get my swim on and I've been waiting TOO long. Also, is Charlie O's strictly gay now? Seems pretty gay on Mondays. Fridays too. Is it now downtown's gay bar? If so, that's fine by me: PS those kids need to find themselves some pool chalk. Pronto."

3) Hollywood: We passed by this place last week, too. Very curious. "i drove up la brea a week or so ago and snapped a picture of the construction going on at the old la brea car dealership (above). any idea what they're doing?"

4) Atwater Village: Reader Aaron emails a question about his hood. "What’s the deal with “Atwater Park”? It’s just north of Chevy Chase Blvd in North Atwater Village, but it doesn’t resemble anything like a park that I’m familiar with. Where’s the greenspace? Picnic benches? Trees? Maybe they meant Atwater Industrial Park?"