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Ask Curbed: Help a Canadian With the Grove vs. Atwater Village

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This email comes across international borders to Curbed LA and is now being surrendered - funny spelling of neighbourhood and all - to the comments section:
My husband and I are relocating to LA from Toronto for June 1st. Looking for a nice, walkable, safe and central neighbourhood with character to call home. After cruising the web, we are looking at The Grove and Atwater Village! Can you give us the scoop? What's with the gang violence? We are prepared for some crime vs Toronto, but how bad is bad? Is the hood family friendly? Young couple friendly (as in lots of good restaurants, greasy spoons and wine bars nearby)? Can you live a life outdoors (bike trails, walking, parks, market) or will we be in our Prius all day? What can we expect to pay if we want to rent a bungalow type home? Ball park is helpful...Remember, Canada is still an ally. Be polite, eh?