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How Things Get Fixed: Long Beach's Broken Sidewalks

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The Press-Telegram's John Canalis looks at the process of repairing sidewalks in Long Beach, a 10-year repair project (launched in 2000) that has city officials looking to fix the area's 62,000 damaged areas. While city officials have to pick which areas to repair--and it's a seemingly arbitrary process--some officials do get out and walk around to to see which sidewalks need the most help. Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal tells the paper: "As labor-intensive as it is, and as much weight as I lose when I am doing it, it's one of the most valuable experiences," she says. And do be careful when walking around the Eastside's 5th District: In the original assessment, the area had 10,862 damaged sidewalks, the worst of all the districts. [Press-Telegram] Image via the LA Sidewalk Campaign.