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CurbedWire: Venice Neglect, Mid-Wilshire's Neighborhood Identity Crisis

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VENICE: Yes, more parts of Venice that'll remind you of Dickens. A reader writes: "Work on this house on Palms started almost three years ago and continued in fits and starts, but it’s been sitting there as you see it since last fall...the owner said they would like to get $1.4 million as is...When the caller made choking noises, she said they didn’t really expect to get that much...In the meantime, that sign on the wall is a “Vacated” sign that the city posts on abandoned buildings, warning people against entering. But since there aren’t any doors, maybe people can see all they need to see from the street." [Curbed InBox]

MID-WILSHIRE ET AL:In Friday's post on the new Park Wilshire condo development just east of Wilshire and Highland, a lively discussion arose on the neighborhood of Brookside where Park Wilshire apparently sits. But within steps of the Brookside neighborhood sign, we discovered there are three more markers for three different neighborhoods—Hancock Park, Park Mile, and Wilshire Center. That seems like a lot of delineation for such a small area. And doesn't everyone just consider this Mid-Wilshire/Miracle Mile anyway? [Curbed Staff]

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