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Supermarket Roundabout: Costco, F&E, Von's and Henry's

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LAKEWOOD - As Macy's closes shop at the Lakewood Mall, a new retailer has stepped up to fill the void. A reader alerts us to the news: "Why hasn't anyone blogged about COSTCO coming to Lakewood's LakeHOOD MALL... Construction already began. The old macy*s building is naked (I'll try to snap a picture). Seriously? COSTCO at a Shopping mall?!?!?!?!?!?" Yes, tis true! Via the Press-Telegram: "It is a new kind of conundrum for Costco, which recently began fitting its big box stores like puzzle pieces into the empty spaces of shopping centers. Over the years, shopping centers nationwide have been filling the vacancies created by the consolidation of department stores with entertainment and other nontraditional uses." [Curbed Inbox/PT]

GLENDALE - Fresh & Easy is expanding, with a new Glendale store in the works. Curbed reader Carter emails in: " addition to the Americana on Brand project, would you believe you are also in luck to be getting a new Fresh & Easy at Chevy Chase and Colorado, so you can avoid the congestion at Brand and Colorado!!!" Alcohol license in the works. [Curbed Inbox]

WOODLAND HILLS - Von's is moving on down Ventura Blvd to the Corbin Village Shopping Center. Now a reader identifies who's moving in to its former locale. "The landlord confirmed that Von's is on it's way out finally, and Henry's Marketplace is moving in. Von's is currently located in the large shopping center on Ventura and Topanga Cyn." Henry's was owned by Wild Oats, which was bought by Whole Foods. Interestingly, there's a Whole Foods just down the block at Canoga and Ventura. Hmmm. [Curbed Inbox]