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CA Boom House Tours: Red Barn House

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Stop 2 on yesterday's CA Boom home tour of West LA was the Red Barn prefab house. The designer of the home was on site, and gave a brief introductory speech before we started exploring and snapping pictures. The home was built using re-engineered steel, concrete floors (natch) and eco-timber flooring (it's been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council!). The home took nine months to build and actually has a twin next door, although that one appeared to be more of a red barn than the Grand View home. The homes were built for $225-$250 per square foot, excluding the cost of the land. Concrete flooring was used on the ground floor and finished basement area, while teak was used upstairs. Sadly, the home failed to sell (listed for $2.195 million) and has been leased instead. Highlights included the big roll-up window in the living room -- seen it before, but it's still kind of cool -- the chandelier in the large upstairs master-bath (lots of chandeliers seen on the tour) and the downstairs rumpus room, or whatever it is. 3BD/3BA, and a 4-car garage. Huzzah! Very spacious.]
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