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CA Boom House Tours: Santa Monica's House of Sand

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Another day, another house on the CA Boom tour. This two-bedroom house at 2606 Highland in Santa Monica, currently on the market for $3 million, was designed by lee + mundwiler architects. It's a difficult site -- on top of a hill on Ocean Park but next to a busy intersection. The architects were aiming to hone "material honesty & structural integrity" and "transform the urban disarray and noise into a serene dwelling environment." While the layout can be disconcerting at times, the house does feel removed from the traffic on Ocean Park. Our favorite feature (and future maintenance nightmare) is the view of the bottom of the pool from the garage. Yes, the garage. Other highlights include the levered skylights, casting shadow stripes across the hallway, and the floating stairs. Oh, and the view of the ocean from the roof deck isn't bad either.
· CA Boom House Tours: House of Sand [CA Boom]