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CA Boom House Tours: Alan-Voo House

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Day two of the CA Boom show, and day two of the house tours. Today, the tour bus hit West LA (Mar Vista and Palms). Stop number 4 was the Neil M. Denari designed Alan-Voo House. The much blogged about home took a modest one-story tract home and added a modern two-level rear addition, providing a new master bedroom and downstairs family space. The addition is sparsely furnished--a shared trait among all the homes on today's tour. Sad! We were looking forward to the odd wall art and tacky furniture that makes a home feel alive. Instead, most of the homes felt a little barren and cold. The integration of the addition to the original home appeared fairly seamless and the kitchen was a highlight. The counters, cabinets and appliances blended seamlessly and everything was very, very clean. Small skylights punched through the roof in the kitchen, and large clerestory windows-- located where the addition met the original home--provided amazingly bright light that lit up most of the house. The home was definitely the highlight of the tour.
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