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CurbedWire: Madrone Party Shot, LA Times-Silenced Real Estate Broker Speaketh!

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HOLLYWOOD: Missed the Madrone kick-off party last night? All 44 floorplans for the Hollywood development , a 180-unit development at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea Ave, were unveiled, while city council president Eric Garcetti also was on hand. AND these three guys showed up. Who are they? The caption from the press packet reads: "Prospective homebuyers gather next to the exquisite scale model of Madrone, within the Sales Retreat at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel." Love how excited the dude on the right looks. Caption contest is officially on. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: We caught up with Stephen May, the real estate broker seen but not heard much in yesterday's LA Times piece on downtown's real estate market downturn. As noted, May made it into the photo gallery, but not the actual story-and yes, he's a bit mystified by how the story came out, too.

Since his other comments likely ended up on the cutting room floor, anything else to add, Stephen? He notes that sales in South Park are holding up the best in terms of all the neighborhoods; and as far as downtown as a whole, it's pretty simple: home prices will eventually drop and people will purchase the units. "They aren't going to be vacant forever," he told us. [CurbedStaff]
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