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Haul It! Homeowner Trash Fees May Rise Again

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To pay for the expansion of the LAPD, the trash fees paid by homeowners and residents of small apartment buildings--which have risen from $11/month to $26/month over the last two years--may now rise to $36/month, reports the LA Times. The paper notes that officials said the city shouldn't be paying for trash pickup for homeowners and renters in apartments with fewer than five units, but knowing that tax payers will balk, Assistant City Administrative Officer Ray Ciranna tells the paper other cuts will be considered. Chiefly, increasing charges for "recreation programs, animal licenses, recreation programs, city parking spaces and admission to the Los Angeles Zoo," may be considered, according to the Times. Yes, go for the zoo. Surely, tax payers will pay more to see our most famous convict Reggie.
· L.A. considers plan to increase trash fees [LA Times]