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Fresh & Easy Is A Dreary, Dreadful Place. What Do You Think?

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The British press are gleefully reporting about the failure of Tesco's Fresh & Easy to woo fickle Angelenos to their new stores. The Guardian goes to Glassell Park to interview locals about their new neighborhood grocery store and asks "What do you think?" a la The Onion.

"I can't see why anyone would want to go there. It's just so depressing and they don't sell the stuff I like," said Roberto Fernandez, 43, a driving instructor. Medical worker Rosie Smerch, 60, said it has competition from trucks that go round selling vegetables, cola and cigarettes. "The store is so dreary and the self-operated checkout machines are a problem, especially for customers who can't speak English very well."

Other interviewees noted the poor pricing and the lack of organic foods.
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