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Storefronting: Kate Spade in Pasadena, Beverlygrove's Known Still Unknown, Moby To Open "Style Salon"?

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PASADENA - Handbag and accessories designer Kate Spade is planning a nationwide expansion and is opening a few more stores in our neck of the woods. Currently, the only freestanding Kate Spade store is in Newport Beach, but seems to be opening soon in Pasadena and Glendale (at the Americana at Brand, natch). The company plans to open 24 more stores this year, so perhaps the west side will get a few too?

BEVERLYGROVE - Blackburn & Sweetzer reports that the expected opening of boutique Known LA on 3rd Street didn't happen the first week of March, but there is some progress. Signage is up. Now if only they had, like, stuff in the store to, like, sell, then we'd be in business. [Image of Known via B & S]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - Musician, vegan, and tea enthusiast Moby has purchased a home on the Sunset Strip for $3 million with Alice & Olivia clothing designer Stacey Bendet. The two plan to turn the mansion's guesthouse and garage into a recording studio and use the house as a "style salon" for celebrities. [AHN]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210