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CurbedWire: LACMA Director Govan Headed To NYC? Downtown's 28-Day Shuffle Pay Out

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MIRACLE MILE: Whither Michael Govan? LACMA's director, fresh off the opening of BCAM and a major land acquisition, might be the heir apparent to the Guggenheim Museum. Yes, the chatter is that Govan who arrived here just two years ago from the Dia Center in New York, is a likely successor to Thomas Krens, the Guggenheim's outgoing director. Let's hope that if he does go, he makes good on his promise to acquire some neglected Neutras and Schindlers before he packs up his Lautner-designed office. [Image of Govan courtesy of LACMA] [ArtsJournal]

DOWNTOWN: Garment & Citizen is reporting that downtown hotel residents displaced during the so called 28-Day Shuffle are likely getting a $1 million settlement from the city. Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo was expected today to announced a deal in regards to the residents getting displaced from two low-rent residential hotels in the Historic Core district. [Garment & Citizen, not yet online]

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