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Ask Curbed: Echo Park Auto Shop Creating Neighborhood Parking Shortage

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A reader is echoing a complaint we've seen over and over again. Lack of parking and/or misallocation of parking is ruining his day, and he needs somebody to do something about it. Where's your Councilman when you need him?

"I live on a street in Echo Park two houses up from a strip mall of auto repair shops just off Alvarado. The shops park there repaired cars on our street around the clock. They'll park in front of my house all week right until moments before the street cleaning time and then just move it somewhere across the street. The obvious problem is that they take every spot up and down the block for there businesses. So there is nowhere for the residents to park." "I had heard from a former resident of this neighborhood that some kind of injunction was passed and they know they are not to park the business cars on the street all week. I don't know how I would find out about some kind of an injunction through the city against those shops and if anything could be done at all. But being that my street is mostly houses, parking should NOT be a problem."