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Ask Curbed: Is This Loading Zone For Real?

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Are irate shop owners really making their own loading zones? A reader thinks she he may have uncovered a conspiracy:

OK, this started some time back, when I parked one evening in front of the liquor store at the corner of Santa Monica and La Cienega, at one of those yellow "Loading Only" signs, which all of us savvy urbanites know are only enforced during the same times as their adjacent parking meters, right? So before I know it, the liquor store owner comes out and tells me I cannot park there. I tell him I know what the law is and I can park there if I want. He says he is going to have me towed. Now, I am not so threatened by the store owner, as I am weary of the battle ahead at the impound because some stupid unethical paid-off sleaze-bag tower tows my car. So I move it.
Well lo and behold, as I am walking by the store yesterday, I notice a new sign out front, a yellow sign which says "15 MIN. LIMIT LOADING ZONE 8AM - 2AM STRICTLY ENFORCED". I notice it looks a little blurry around the edges, like it was soaked in water, and when I look more closely, I realize the OCD liquor store owner has made his own sign, LAMINATED IT, and glued it to the existing sign!! I want to nail his ass SO BAD. This is boys town after all.
Quick, call CSI to examine the forensic evidence. And possibly the City of West Hollywood code enforcement.