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What's Up With That: Sexy Dancing Silhouette Girl on the 110

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Last night, we found ourselves driving north on the 110 through Downtown Los Angeles on our way home. As we approached the 110/101 interchange, we looked to our left towards the new Canvas LA project - the development built on the shoulder of the freeway. Lights were on, and a few of the freeway adjacent apartments appeared to be occupied. Then we noticed in one of the tall windows there appeared to be a sexy dancing girl silhouette lit up by a blue or purple background. She gyrated, hands in air, hair flowing, hips swaying, for the few seconds we drove by. It was like the iPod ads but without the iPod, and more of a stripper vibe, or like something out of Amsterdam's Red Light District. The dancing girl had big 80's poofy-style Whitesnake-video hair. Is this a nightly occurrence? Is this considered public art? Please tell us we're not crazy and somebody else has seen this.
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