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Ask Curbed: Can the City Ticket Dumbass Neighbors?

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It seems the never ending quest for good parking turns some nice people into crappy neighbors. Another parking-related query from someone pissed off at their fellow Angelenos:

"There has been something happening on my street that has been making me "curbed" and bent out of shape. I live in an apt complex on a crowded Hollywood street where there is very limited parking to go around. My husband and I share one parking spot in the complex, so at any time, the unfortunate one of us will have to park on the street. Recently, I have been noticing that some jerk neighbors have been taking up a two-car spot with their ONE car in the middle of it! I know that they are "saving" spots for their families or friends. And no, it's not because they are bad parkers and left too much space in front of their car. They are right in the middle of a two-car space between two driveways. What I want to know is: Can I call the city parking enforcement on their asses? What rules does the city have against this type of thing? or lack of?"[Image by flickr user Neiljohn]