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City of LA, You Got Served: The First Density Bonus Lawsuit

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Following up on yesterday's posting of the Jane Usher manifesto, we're pleased to present you with the first lawsuit resulting from the City's handling of the SB1818 Density Bonus issue. But it's not what you think. This isn't a neighbor suing to stop development. The developer of the Louise Apartments at 12449 Louise Avenue is suing the City of LA for blocking it's project, which is permitted by State Law, but was opposed by the community and Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office (CD11). The lawsuit states: "City Officials have further worked behind the scenes to unlawfully conspire and prevent the issuance of a ministerial building permit for a "by-right" project needing no discretionary approvals." The lawsuit alleges that the City Planning Commission ignored the Density Bonus law, by essentially invoking CEQA and killing the project through mitigation measures.

Neighbors opposed to the project created the above video, posted on YouTube, which outlines their opposition to the multi-story development that would loom over there neighborhood. Brilliant video, by the way. Download and read the full complaint below.
· Louise Apartments, LLC v. City of Los Angeles [PDF]