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CurbedWire: Blue Murals in Hollywood/Mid-Wilshire, 360 South Bay Takes A Break

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HOLLYWOOD/MID-WILSHIRE: The 76 gas station near Western and Melrose recently unveiled some new murals painted among its washing bays. The reproduced Buddhas are from artists Mac and Retna, who have collaborated on at least two other similarly-hued murals in the area—an orgasmic woman at Hollywood and Western and a reclining female just south of Third and La Brea in mid-Wilshire. There's certainly no dearth of spots in our city that could benefit from some color—maybe Mac and Retna should take suggestions?

HAWTHORNE: If you were an excited would-be buyer following the 360 Southbay development, some disappointing news. A reader points out the web site is now basically inoperable and a posted note reads:"Sales opportunities are temporarily unavailable while we give the market time to improve. We're looking forward to reopening this cutting-edge community and welcoming you again soon." [Curbed InBox]