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Rumblings & Bumblings: Lincoln Place Apartments, Hollywood Construction, Downtown Scaffolding

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Every week we ask you to answer pressing questions from your curious, but ill-informed neighbors. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your answers, updates. comments, tips, and general queries. Answers posted this Thursday.

VENICE: Ah, the ghost town that is Lincoln Place Apartments (pictured)--it's like driving through Three Mile Island. We've been following the legal battles, yes, but a reader wants to know the status of the area: "What's going to happen to the LP apartments, are the residents moving back in and if so, when?" An answer is needed, yes.

HOLLYWOOD: Hollywood construction, so hard to keep up. A reader asks: "What is being developed at 1750 N. Highland? David Bolour and JPN Development?"

DOWNTOWN: Perhaps a question our guest editor Eric from blogdowntown can answer. "There's scaffolding up on the building across the street from Groundworks Coffee on Traction in the Arts District, is the building being renovated? Not sure if its a commercial or residential building."