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CurbedWire: Hollywood Franklin, Downtown's Luma, Queen Anne In Santa Monica

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HOLLYWOOD: Mystery of the Franklin/Cahuenga gas station shutter solved, plus info on the Hollywood Franklin building: A reader writes: “Just went to the preview tour of the Hollywood Franklin building (pictured)- everything is still under construction but they are throwing in free plasma tv's with move-in. Also - they mentioned the building owners purchased the corner lot where the old franklin/cahuenga gas station used to be - it will be used for parking. The units are nice and for the people worried about those noisy neighbors stomping around - concrete floors.” [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: We got our hands on the South Group’s post-sale stats and facts re: Luma buyers. Who they are--The top reported occupations of Luma's 200 plus buyers are entertainment (11%) and finance/accounting (11%), followed by legal and high tech (both at about 9%). What's their commute: Not as many buyers work as close to downtown as we thought: 38% of Luma buyers work in downtown L.A. and 24% work 15 miles or less from the city center. Assuming the rest work farther away.

SANTA MONICA: A reader would like to point out someone actually had the cojones to build a Queen Anne "brownstone" replica in Santa Monica. The home is at 750 Navy Street. According to the listing, the home has “ornamentation details recast from historic pieces punctuated by elaborate art glass designs...also there are "fireplaces on both floors and a roof-top deck with ocean facing views. "Quite smashing, indeed. Queen Anne reproduction is yours for $1.9 million.