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Reader Rant: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head at Ravenswood

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An unhappy tenant of the Ravenswood Apartments in Hancock Park emails requesting some sort of investigative report on the poor maintenance of the building. Now you may say to yourself, why doesn't the tenant just move? Good question. But maybe the tenant is elderly, or has a really sweet deal. Let's pretend, shan't we.

"I suggest someone do a story on the Ravenswood Apts. on Rossmore. Once the jewel of Hancock park owned by Mae West, now a crumbling tenement where the roof leaks into apartments during the rain, rain water also floods the basement, there are holes in the wall between apartments, the hot water frequently is shut off and the elevators is often broken amongst other problems. What's worse is the property is managed/owned by people who don't care nor want to spend money to maintain the building properly. A block away, the El Royale has successfully maintained and operated a similar LA landmark."

I reported the leak in my ceiling on January 26th, it was not until March 6 that the walls were fixed. And only because the Housing Department planned an inspection of the premises on March 7th. This hole opens up each year during the rainy season. And each year, management insists the roof is fixed, and yet the rain leaks through in the exact same spot. In this instance, I lived exposed to the mold in the crawl space above my apartment for 6 weeks. I am still waiting for them to shampoo my carpet as promised and they are refusing to pay for the items which are ruined each year.