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Storefronting: Mayfair Market and Pavilions in WeHo

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HOLLYWOOD - Curbed's supermarket of choice, the Mayfair Market, has been undergoing a dramatic change on the inside. The crusty interior has been spiffed-up over the last few months, almost to the point of making us forget about the high prices. Friday, we were informed by our check-out lady that the Mayfair would soon make the full switch to Gelson's. Yes, the signage is coming down people. We were told the change of signs to Gelson's would take place in about a month. RIP Mayfair Market. Trivia: Did you know the Mayfair in its 1970's incarnation can be seen in an old Brady Bunch episode? [Curbed Staff]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - A reader writes in with an update on the Pavilions Supermarket on Santa Monica Blvd. "They will close the store in the middle of the year. Originally they were going to build a temporary store and keep it going but now that plan has been modified so that only the pharmacy and health items will be sold in a temporary area in the parking lot during the estimated nine month rebuilding of the store... The new store will face SM Blvd with rooftop parking." [Curbed InBox]