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Claim: Nicolas Cage Stopped By Biscuit Lofts' Sales Office

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After that heart-breaking false report that David and Victoria Beckham had purchased in downtown's Biscuit Lofts (the account was later retracted), it's understandable if you're suspicious of another celebrity-interested-in-the-Biscuit story. But now there's a story involving well-known land baron Nicolas Cage, a Bentley, and a video camera. A reader writes: "A well positioned source told me that on Sunday Nic Cage stopped by in a Bentley to view/purchase a loft at the biscuit company lofts..." In a subsequent email, he also added this: "My contact works close to the sales office. He witnessed Nic Cage arrive (he even has video)." Whether there is also a tall fish in the video remains to be seen.
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