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An Insider's Look At BCAM

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A late addition to the unending coverage of the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum. Here's our version: BCAM hosted a fancy press preview yesterday that featured introductions from the project's starchitect, Renzo Piano, and philanthropist/namesake, Eli Broad. Completely ignoring Asia, Broad noted that "L.A. has truly become one of the four cultural capitals of the world." (Alongside NY, London, and Paris.) During his remarks, Piano made a point to mention that in creating the new museum he was able to turn the former Ogden Drive into a pedestrian plaza ("Taking away a street in Los Angeles is like destroying the Colosseum in Rome.")

After riding the red escalator to the top of the three-story structure, visitors are treated to views of the Hollywood Hills and Park LaBrea. Once inside, it's clear BCAM is a paradise of modern art--the top floor boasts works by Koons, Warhol, and Lichtenstein, among others. The second floor has oodles of interactive art including Robert Therrien's enormous table and chairs and a trippy movie with clowns (BCAM will soon be on every stoner's must-see list). The first floor is dominated with Richard Serra's Band installation, a seemingly-endless orange maze. A giant glass elevator straight out of Willy Wonka connects all three floors of the building. Did we mention that stoners are gonna love this place?
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