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Nouvel in Century City Report #3: Meeting the Locals

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Following this morning's strategically timed LA Times story about Jean Nouvel and his forthcoming 45-story tower, a midday press conference was held at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons to officially announce the French architect's shimmery and leafy contribution to Century City. Nouvel (pictured above) spoke, while more details emerged about project: The smallest units start at 3,400 square feet. Oui, these are big condos.

Speaking before a crowd that included city officials (councilman Jack Weiss) and local developers (downtown pioneer Sonny Astani), Nouvel stated that he hopes his project--which he referred to as a "green blade"--becomes an icon for the city.

And some more information: Foliage everywhere! Yes, there'll be greenery outside all the units and the building will have a 40,000 square foot private garden at the base of the lobby. There's also be underground parking for 570 cars. And developers will try and improve pedestrian activity on Santa Monica Boulevard by "enhancing the walking environment" around the area. The landscape architect on the project is Rios Clementi Hale Studios. Construction is expect to take 37-40 months. And reiterated by speakers at the press conference: this is Nouvel's first project in California.

And another rendering of a residence: