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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: 90210, Streets, Hotel Emhurst, Moldlowe

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Thank you for commenting and questioning. You may email us at with your new questions or updates. Swell.

1) Beverly Hills: Uncoincidentally, we saw BH 90210 alum Tiffani Amber Thiessen at Whole Foods during our lunch today. Back to the question, the destruction at BHHS is not related to a new science building says commenter #3, since that is already built. "The classrooms they knocked down are where science classes used to be held. I would imagine they would convert that space to a parking lot." Good guess. The only remaining project on the construction schedule is listed as "modernization."

2) Westwood: We're not entirely sure what is happening with the closing of Hilgard Avenue near the new Palazzo project. The Dept of Public Works web site shows several new excavation projects along Tiverton and Weyburn for SoCal Gas lines going in to feed the Palazzo, followed by some street resurfacing. Those jobs appear to be wrapping up at the end of February. Send us a picture of the Hilgard Ave. signs if you get a chance.

3) Koreatown: We again checked the Korean newspapers (using Google's scarily bad translation tool) but found no new updates on the proposed Hotel Emhurst. The Emhurst web site indicates a completion date of around 2010? Maybe. This is the translation we got: "LA began two to three years ago, when development is under redevelopment plans for the year starting July redevelopment project in the next five years, thanks to pursue Korean town into a large construction project in 2006 yireumyeo 10 dogs, and Weber 2010 Lee Hill..."

4) Hancock Park: The Marlowe is a very unpopular building amongst the commenters. Indeed, they say, it is mold that has caused the demolition/renovation which continues to be an ongoing saga. Commenter sharky says: "live down the street and it seems like they started with the south side of the building around 9 months ago. But yes, mold remediation can take a long time. I was involved in a project with a hospital that had mold infestation and they literally had to tear down the walls to the studs--it took years to completely remediate. If it's done properly, it has to be very organized and you have to build containments so that mold spores don't spread to other parts of the building."