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Long Beach Considers A "Dangerous Dog Ordinance"

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Following two incidents in which family-owned pit bulls killed other dogs in Long Beach, city officials are consider passing a "dangerous dog ordinance." According to the Long Beach Press Telegram, the City Council's Public Safety Committee is expected to meet Feb. 19 or 26 to talk about the ordinance which may result in residents facing mandatory pet micro-chipping and higher penalties. During one of the recent mauling incidents, which involved a Chihuahua being killed by two pit bulls at Belmont Shore's dog beach, the Chihuahua's owner accidentally videotaped the incident. She's since put the video on YouTube as a sort of PSA. You'll have to find that grisly video all on your own. [Photo of a random Chihuahua]
· Council considers new rules for dogs [Press-Telegram]