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CurbedWire: Tile Murder in Hollywood, Plus VDL, V-Day, LA Live

HOLLYWOOD - The Eva Longoria and Todd English restaurant collaboration has some preservationists peeved. Their soon-to-open restaurant, Beso, located in the former Leed's shoes at 6350 Hollywood Blvd, is doing a slight makeover to the tile tower. Via the Lotta Living forums: "I for one will not be dining in Evil Ongoria's new prandial pad. Because they're tile-murderers, and they've etched bad poetry into the mirrors. No, really." They take their tiles seriously. [Lotta Living]

SILVER LAKE - Neutra's VDL House, in the midst of a fund raising campaign, is now open to the public without an appointment on Saturdays from 11am-3pm. Docent tours, led by trained Cal Poly undergrads, are available. [Curbed Inbox]

SILVER LAKE - Can anything top Hancock Park's House Of David's annual Christmas crapstravangza? Why, yes, something can. Apartment Therapy notes this house in Silver Lake, which is to Valentine's Day gaudiness what Christmas is to the House of Davids. Love is in the air. And the ground. And the driveway. [Apartment Therapy]

DOWNTOWN: We hear that AEG staffers are already planning parties for the next phase of LA Live, our city's super development. Mark your calenders for a series of parties and events to be held around Dec 4-7th. It seems far away, but it's really not. Keep track of the timeline here. [Curbed Inbox]