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Former Bette Davis WeHo Home Hawked For Land, Condos

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A West Hollywood resident points us to the listing for 1217 N. Horn, a one-story home formerly owned by Bette Davis. The home, boarded up since 2005, is listed for $2.65 million and comes with approved plans for a four story, eight-unit luxury condo complex. Writes our tipster: "We don't want the second to last of these old homes from the 1920s in the neighborhood to be torn down for yet another boxy condo development that won't sell and will make our street even more congested....Before the developer got a hold of it, it was being offered as the former home of Bette Davis, complete with charming architectural details in the house. Have to think no one will buy at this new price." More information is also on the WeHo Heights site.

Via the listing:

"Spectacular 8 unit condo development! Walking distance only 1/2 block to Sunset Strip & all the shops, restaurants & entertainment. Close to B.Hills. This modern bldg features vast rooftop terraces overlooking the City lights. Units feature high end interior design finishes. Total living space will be 11,500 s.f. Comp. new condos selling in the $1 - $1.5 million range. Bldg. plans approved. Price includes all architectural plans, approvals, engineering, soils, etc. & demo of existing structure."

Via Redfin:

Date Price Appreciation
Nov 10, 1997 $313,000
Apr 10, 1998 $60,000 -98.2%/yr
Sep 01, 2000 $630,000 166.9%/yr
Mar 30, 2005 $1,580,000 22.3%/yr
Feb 22, 2007 $2,050,000 14.7%/yr