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Storefronting: So Many Shoe Stores

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BEVERLY HILLS - Shoes and accessories retailer Sigerson Morrison has opened a new boutique for Belle, the label's lower-priced little sister. The new shop is at 9640 Brighton Way in Beverly Hills and is described as a "a gold-and-mirrored space...filled with unfussy boots, flats and sandals." [LA Times]

COSTA MESA - Let's keep going with the shoe fetish, theme. South Coast Plaza has announced that high end shoe designer Christian Louboutin has signed a letter of intent to open a boutique at the mall. Currently, Louboutin only has two stores in NY, one in LA, and one set to open in Vegas. [OC Retail]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - We noticed the plywood was up around the forthcoming Alexander McQueen store. The store is right near Melrose Place, near the Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg stores. The store is slated to open in April, while his Vegas store opened just before Christmas. [Image of McQueen store i London via Urban Path] [WWD]

NEW YORK - A bit of rumormongering today, as our sister site Racked reports LA retail stalwart Ron Hermanmight be heading to the Big Apple. It's only fair since Los Angeles now has Intermix and (possibly) Scoop. [Racked]