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New Three Lot Home In Manhattan Beach Has City Fighting The McMansion

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Back in April, the Manhattan Beach City Council placed a moratorium on three-lot construction and formed a mansionization committee, and today the council is set to pass a law today that would "limit new construction to two lots and add size and appearance restrictions," according to the LA Times. Much of the flap over McMansion size in Manhattan Beach seems to stem from one resident's new home: A three lot mansion, 16,000-square-foot home on 100 feet of beachfront property. According to the paper, the three lots are worth about $29 million. The family declined to be interviewed for the story, but the home's architect, Grant Kirpatrick, tells the paper only about half of the land houses that home, that yes, it's a big structure, but not too big, and the house will resemble an 'old Venice beach bungalow vibe.'" Some residents believe the home will raise property values, while other residents call the project "a nightmare."
· Manhattan Beach draws line in sand on mansions [LA Times]