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Rumblings & Bumblings: BHHS, Palazzo, Emhurst, Marlowe

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1) Beverly Hills: Maybe more oil derricks? "Over the last few weeks (maybe a month), there was a demolition team at BHHS tearing down some of the classrooms. All that is left now is a dirt lot with an excavator on it. How does the high school plan on using this land?"

2) Westwood: One-way streets finally coming to the west side? "I work in Westwood and have seen signs up that state something along the lines of "no through access past Hilgard after 02/08". Of course, they spell "through", "thru" which totally bugs. Are they changing the street next to the new Palazzo to a one way?"

3) Koreatown: Only the Koreans know for sure. "What is going on with the [Hotel] Emhurst on 7th and Harvard? Several months have passed and now the barren site is missing a project rendering sign and plays host to off-roading tire tracks. No vehicles spotted on the site during the day, though..."

4) Hancock Park: MAybe they're making it even more luxurious. "what's up with the marlowe on rossmore? not that old a building and yet it's had the sides ripped off forever now... is it mold or something? what's taking so long to fix it and get it back to normal?"