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Burglars Break Into Orsini Fortress, Strike Nine Times

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The once impenetrable Orsini I and II projects north of downtown have been penetrated - hard core. Two suspects have been taken into custody for a string of nine burglaries that targeted the "Tuscan Rock" after a lucky break for LAPD officers who were investigating one of the burglaries. Via the downtownlalife forum:

"While we were looking things over, we heard a car crash outside," said Officer Ken Lew, who is one of two Senior Lead Officers in China Town. "When Tim and I went to help at the accident, we noticed all this furniture in one car. It looked odd, and resembled the same stuff taken from the apartments." Lew and Nambu detained two men, Art Artanesyan, 22, and Joshua Carrillo, 30, at the scene. The officers verified the furniture had come from the Orsini burglary... "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good," said Lieutenant Paul Vernon, head of the Central Detective Division. "But in this case, Officers Lew and Nambu made their luck by doing their job and being in the right place at the right time." · 9 ORSINI APARTMENT BURGLARIES [downtownlalife]