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PatriotWatch: Americana At Brand Photos, Report!

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If you can't get to Glendale, reader Crimsongraycoug has sent in an excellent collection of construction photos of Americana At Brand, Grove developer Rick Caruso's latest project. As previously noted, the new mixed-used development will have 100 residences and 238 apartments. Along with a photo essay, the coug sends us a detailed report with pertinent details. Notably, the concierge will walk your dog, rents start at $2,160, and the mall portion opens on May 1. Also, weirdly, you have to have renters insurance. And the property is smoke-free. (Bad move: Malboros are American, Caruso!) And finally: developer Caruso is as camera-shy as an awkward teen. And we're still waiting a photo of Caruso Way. [All photos via Curbed reader/Flickr user crimsongraycoug]
UPDATE: More recent photos are here.

His full, not verified or fact-checked by us, report:

"I had an opportunity to meet Mr. Rick Caruso himself while taking photos of the Americana. I was on Brand Blvd when he and one of his construction foreman stopped to chat for 5 minutes and we told them how I was very excited for the property to open. (By the way, if you want photos of Rick himself, he was rather shy and declined to have a photo taken.)

Anyway, I also visited the sales/leasing office and was very surprised at the beautiful amenities the Americana will be giving to their tenants/owners. Cabana rentals, concierge to do everything to tell them to do like, order a jet, walk your dogs, hire a maid, schedule meetings, set your new HDTV or any electronic gadget... for a an extra fee of course.

Also, the rents for these apartments scared the hell out of me and my friend who was thinking of moving in. Yikes! The lowest rent/month for a loft is $2,160 - sq footgage anywhere between 675 and 766 square feet. There will be 2 level town houses as well. The largest unit will be 1,928 sq. st (2 BR - 2.5 Bath)

They are now taking $250-$500 deposits to hold your unit.

The largest unit foes for a whopping $5,500 a month!!

OK it gets better.

Here are the other fees to add to your budget:

Security Deposits:

Loft - $1,000
1 Bedroom $1,500
2 Bedrooms $2,000

If you have pets, here are the fees - you need to add it to your rent.

2 pets max per unit

$50/cat $100 per dog
$1,000 additional security deposit per cat and/or dog - refundable (you better keep that cat from scratching the carpet or you will lose your deposit.)

Insurance - everybody who rents from Americana will have to carry a $100,000 personal liability renters insurance policy before moving in.

They said the property is 'smoke free' but according to the sales agent, Caruso could change that policy any time within reasonable notice.


4/15/08 - projected soft opening for retail
5/1/08 - GRAND OPENING OF THE MALL - with all the bells and whistles - parades, etc. (Tom Cruise, Back Street Boys. Nah, just kidding but who knows with these kind of rents, maybe Mr. Cruise just might buy one.)
5/2/08 - Renters can start to move in
6/1/08- Condo owners can start to move in

Parking - renters/owners will have their own elevator to their units from the garage and it will be secured.

The construction is moving very fast now and one of the carpenters I stopped before he left for the day said they are now on 24/7.

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210