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CurbedWire: Garden Apartments on Venice Blvd, Playa Vista, Holly Townhomes

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VENICE: A trusted mole drops some interesting news. Not such good news for the people who live in Venice, however. He writes: "These postwar garden apartments (pictured) on Venice Blvd. just west of Abbot Kinney in Venice may be torn down to make way for single-family houses. Developer Robert D’Elia of RAD Ventures has plans to demolish the two 14-unit buildings and build 18 single family houses. At a meeting of a neighborhood council committee, D’Elia said the houses would be marketed to young families, and would probably sell in the $l.5 million range. Several tenants who would be displaced said they now pay less than $1,000 month for their apartments, and believe they’ll have to move far out of the area to find anything they can afford." A situation to watch more closely. [Curbed InBox]

PLAYA VISTA: Like unloved Romanian orphans chewing lead off the walls, those unanswered Rumblings & Bumblings haunt us. Regarding one of those two unanswered R & B questions, a reader writes: " I think this reader wanted to know what all the cranes were building and it is the "Horizon" office park at Playa Vista, which I guess is still full speed ahead despite the fact that Playa Vista II (to be developed by Rick Caruso ie. the Grove shoutout) has been halted in court." [Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Another orphaned R& B saved! Reader Alissa leaves a comment, writing: "The almost-finished development in the Dell is called Holly Townhomes, located on Holly Drive just (and yes, 10 feet is about right) north of the 101. Here's all the information, including some very nice images of their beautiful "Craftman" townhomes."