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Ask Curbed: What Privileges Do Prius Owners Get In Glendale?

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A reader with a hybrid car needs to know exactly where she can park for free. Do environmentally conscious consumers get a break in Glendale? Writes a confused driver:

"Is is true that you can park at a meter for free if you have a Toyota Prius with the yellow access stickers?? I got two parking tickets by the same officer in front of 300 Fremont Ave. North, LA CA 90012. ( I work in the building and actually pay for a parking lot down on Temple at 1st. But if it's raining, I try to park as close to the back of the building as possible). Anyway, yesterday I went to Glendale Court house where there is no parking. I parked on the street, and before I could even get back to put in a some money, I got a parking ticket for "expired meter". Does Glendale follow the same rule as LA City?"