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Pricechopper: Neutras In Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica Get Shaved

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Less than two months ago, this Neutra-designed fixer-upper above Beverly Glen hit the market. List price: $819,000. The smallish two-bedroom two-bath home needed a little work and a lot of love, but Neutras in worse shape than this one were asking for $1.8 million. Now the pedigreed home is getting Pricechopped. New asking price: $750,000. That's a $69,000 drop in less than two months (or an 8 percent shave). Not quite bargain-basement prices but still a deal for one of Neutra's lesser known works.

Oh, and that $1.8 million fixer known as the Barsha Residence in Santa Monica Canyon marketed as a "preservation opportunity"? Yup, also chopped. New listing price: $1.68 million (or a 7 percent drop since it went on the market last November).

UPDATE: A reader points us to another listing for the Barsha Residence with a list price of $1.55 million. Total pricechop from original asking price: 14 percent.
· 3847 Oakfield Dr, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 [TVOA]
· 302 Mesa Road, Santa Monica Canyon, CA 90402 [Architecture for Sale]