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NIMBY-Development War Escalates In The Valley

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Southeast Valley residents are up in arms about a perfect storm of mega-developments headed for the area, reports the LA Times. In addition to a huge open-air mall planned at Victory and Laurel Canyon boulevards, two projects near Lankershim and Ventura would add a 500-room hotel and towers reaching up to 19 stories. Three proposed developments in NoHo would include three 27-story towers and three office towers. Total new development square footage—13 million. These new plans coincide with the city's push for denser neighborhoods but conflict with residents desire to keep the area's small town (read: suburban) feel. Developers, residents, city officials, and five neighborhood councils are convening tonight at NoHo's Beverly Garland Hotel for a town hall meeting on the matter. Fireworks expected! Bonus Curbed coverage: We'll be there covering the meeting, so expect a report tomorrow.
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