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Yeah, Kids! LA Orthopaedic Hospital Opens New Playground

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And now for some very good news: Till now, the best LA playground for physically-challenged and able-bodied children alike was Shane's Inspiration at Griffith Park. But Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital throws down the gauntlet with this week's opening of the Everychild Foundation Universally Accessible Playground at 2400 S. Flower St. (EFUAP? Catchy!) It's open to the public seven days a week, thanks to an agreement with the Department of Recreation and Parks, and anticipates more than 125,000 kids annually. Or, as Mayor Antonio puts it, "more children in a single year than any other universally accessible playground in the nation." Take that, Griffith Park. [Photos from LA Orthopeadic]
· Everychild Foundation Universally Accessible Playground Opens [LA Orthopaedic]