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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Copper Wire Epidemic and Construction Setbacks

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Thank you for your responses this week. Here are the answers to this week's questions. We are accepting more questions for next week's R&B at this time. You may send us an email at la@curbed.comwith your questions, updates and rants.

1.) West LA: Regarding the insider info question on the proposed high-rise development at Wilshire and Barrington. Yes, that question was answered last month. What Tim Meier, director of development at California Landmark told us: "The land is clear, the permits are ready to issue." Also, construction is supposed to start in June. Hmmm.

2.) Central City West: Why no lights? Via reader Tim Quinn: "There is an epidemic of street lighting wiring theft in the city right now because of the extremely high price of copper. The lights on our street were out for about a year before the city came around and replaced the stolen wire and put new lockable lids on the curb side junction boxes." Another reader reports that "you can call 311 to report street light outages."

3.) Mar Vista: Many people know the history of the scrappy-looking corner at Palms and Centinela. It used to be both a Wild Oats and Mrs. Gooches foods store, the latter a shopping place visited by singer Jackson Browne. No one seems to know what's next, but one reader says the rent at the place is dubbed "high." It looks like a nice place for a Curves.

4.) Los Angeles: The white building on La Brea just just north of San Vicente that has some sort of rotating artwork? It's the work of artist Nick Walker, whose work is seen left. [Image via Nick Walker]

5.) Hollywood: Nada on what kind of development is going on near the Dell. Failed you, reader.

6.) Playa Vista: Regarding the retail by the Grove architect, we're fairly certain the architect who designed the Grove is Langdon Wilson, but we're still waiting word on what his next project is. Keep you posted!