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Ask Curbed: Too Much Noise! Laws About Early Construction, Roosters in Pasadena

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With cotton stuffed in their ears, furious readers tap away at their keyboards. Here's your double-header. One reader writes in: "There's a condo building going up behind my Hollywood apartment. The hammering is incessant and usually starts before 8 am. My building manager said last week she heard them goin' at it before 7 am. (I was so drunk I slept through it that morning.) Aren't there laws about this? I thought construction couldn't begin until 9 in the city of L.A.?"

And another reader asks: "I live in Pasadena (near Hill and Orange Grove) and I have a hard enough time with the jackass next door who thinks he's American Idol, but now there's a rooster going off during the day. I know there are laws in LA about keeping roosters, but what are the rooster laws in Pasadena?" Got an Ask Curbed question? Drop us a line.