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Storefronting: Catherine Malandrino in WeHo, Loehmann's Men in Beverly Grove, Le Labo, and Dock Downtown

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WEST HOLLYWOOD - The triangle on Melrose Ave/Melrose Place and La Cienega gets a few more luxury tenants, turning that corner of Weho into a younger, cooler Rodeo Drive. Following news that Alexander McQueen and Ports 1961 are moving in , this bit of news arrives via the InBox: "Vera Wang is also on its way, slated for September, and just a hop across La Cienega, Catherine Malandrino will be opening a very hip 6,000 square foot space complete with an in-store "Café Malandrino" in May. " Malandrino already has a store on Sunset in West Hollywood. [Curbed Inbox]

BEVERLY GROVE - Another discount merchant moves into the ghost town known as the Beverly Connection. Loehmann's men's store will open on March 4th across the street from the original Loehmann's on La Cienega. An employee tells us there's a "soft opening" this afternoon and that the store will remain open all week. Perhaps this will bring a little much needed life to the anemic shopping center. [DNR]

BEVERLY GROVE - Blackburn & Sweetzer uncovers more detail on the custom fragrance shop set to open east of Orlando on 3rd Street. The shop is Le Labo Grasse-New York "which creates fragrances like Rose 31 and Jasmin 17 from Grasse, France - apparently, the ‘perfume capital.’". [B&S]

DOWNTOWN - Discount furniture retailer The Dock Downtown is closing up shop. March 9th is the final day of business, so better hurry if you're looking to score a deal on Frette linens and a couch. Liquidation sale is going on now with 20% off the lowest marked price. [Curbed Inbox]