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Latest On Beyond Baroque: More Non-Profits Could Also Be Affected

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A story in today's Daily Journal (subscription only) has the latest on Beyond Baroque, a non-profit literary center that has rented out the Venice City Hall from the city since 1979 for a $1 per year. Now, that's a nice rent. According to the Journal, 107 nonprofits have $1 year leases with the city, but City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo told Councilman Bill Rosendahl last week that his office wouldn't be recommending approval of a previously promised 25-year lease for Beyond Baroque. Via the Journal: "The city attorney's staff is attempting to enforce a set of unofficial rules they said took effect without City Council approval. But according to Rosendahl's office, since the City Council never approved any change in the way these nonprofit leases are negotiated, the new standards are imaginary.' If implemented citywide, the new standards could bring into question the future of more than 100 nonprofits, many of which rent space from the city for next to nothing." The official web site for the center says the lease expires March 1; more of the back story here. Image via