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Curbed Wire: Downtown's Brockman Shows Leg, Solair's Planned Retail

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DOWNTOWN: Reader Brigham Yen emails a photo of the Brockman building and writes: "Brockman finally losing its construction tarp and revealing the beautiful facade underneath." The sales office for the under-renovation building is set to open in April, according to the Downtown News. More via the News: "The 12-story, 1921 Beaux Arts building at 530 W. Seventh St. contains 80 lofts from approximately 780 to 2,100 square feet, with prices from the mid-$400,000s to $1.2 million." [Curbed InBox]

KOREATOWN: With all the activity around the under-construction Solair at Wilshire and Western, one might have overlooked the big hole being dug in front of the building (facing Wilshire, next to CVS). We're told the new construction is the build-out of a two-story retail building that's part of the development but separate from the main tower. Meanwhile, more info from developer KOAR on the parking situation on Oxford Ave. (parallel to Western): one level of underground parking for retail, then the two levels of street-level retail, and on top, four levels of parking for residents. Mmm...retail sandwich.


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