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CurbedWire: Dispatches from the San Gabriel Valley

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[New Arcadia fire station via Curbed reader merv]

PASADENA - Things are looking mighty iffy in Pasadena as the redevelopment of a portion of the Ambassador West site has hit a brick wall, courtesy of the crumbled housing market. A reader from the 'dena links us to the story from the Star News: "The property owners... have been unable to find a builder to replace Pacific Standard Homes, which in November abruptly pulled out of a deal to build 70 luxury condominiums on four parcels on the Ambassador West site." [Star News]

PASADENA - No wonder our grammar is getting worse by the day. Another bookstore is closing, this time Bungalow News in Pasadena, and we're left to gape slack jawed at our internet box for info. Via an emailer: "Like this blogger, I didn’t know this fantastic newsstand was closing in Pasadena until I heard it on KPCC this weekend. Shuttered on Sunday, I believe." [CurbedWire Inbox/Pasadena Daily Photo]

ARCADIA - A reader spots something that is neither tagged nor ugly and emails us with a digital picture. Wow. Do you have the right blog? "I'm driving through Arcadia/Santa Anita (don't ask) and I'm surprised at how attractive this stretch of Santa Anita Ave. is. The homes and yards are quite well-manicured. Also passed this modern-ish fire station that's under construction. this wasn't the best angle by far (I don't think the boring, blocky structure in the foreground is part of it)..." [CurbedWire Inbox]