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Sherman Oaks Residents Get Some News From Caltrans

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Nothing like some early morning home-razing news: "It seems like they didn't hear us at all," Marcella Tyler said. "Big powerful Brentwood - they prevailed. But little Sherman Oaks - they did not." That's a Sherman Oaks resident talking to the Daily News about Caltrans' plan to add a 10-mile northbound car-pool lane linking the Santa Monica and Ventura freeways. According to the paper, residents near the Valley Vista Boulevard exit received notification of the plan last week, but it's not entirely clear what homes will be affected, or how much each resident would receive for their home (residents routinely get fair market rate compensation but the market is obviously a tad worse than last year). Construction of the new lane, which would shave off one minute for every mile driven, could take up to five years, according to the paper. As for the exact details, Caltrans tells the News that they are still putting together the final environmental impact report, and a spokesperson for councilmember Jack Weiss says his office has received no word on the agency's final plan.
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